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Reflective Moto Decal 317004A


Color: black; white


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Product Description

Material: double glued PVC
Feature: reflective, personalized, durable, easy to put on

This decal applies strong glue on double sides. Clean the position thoroughly, tear off the
base material and stick on by pressing down until no bubble, finally take off the transparent
film on the top. It’s easy. It’s the best choice for your personlized decoration.

Method 1: Stick from middle to side. Press down the middle first, and then move to side by
pressing off the bubbles.

Method 2: Wipe the position with soap water and put it on. In this way, it’s easy to readjust
it. Also press the bubble off from middle to side. Soap water will get dried about half day,
do not touch it during this period.

Note:¬†Make sure not to polish your motorcycle with wax one week before this, or it’ll ruin the
sticking. Do not wash your motorcycle within 3 days and keep it dry. Sticking under wet or
rainy weather is also not suggested.

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black, white


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